DeFi :

Illuminate aggregates rates from DeFi's leading protocols. Lend at the highest fixed rate every time.

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Illuminate User Interface
Graphic showing 3 protocols with different Principal Token prices and a highlight around the lowest priced one.

Compare Fixed Rates

For a given market, Illuminate always connects you to the best fixed rate available.

animated gif showing code for integrating Illuminate

Built for Integration

Illuminate is easy to integrate and unlocks entirely new possibilities for the next generation of DeFi.

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graphic showing a deposit to Illuminate resulting in ptUSDC then sent to an option call in the Primitive protocol.

Illuminated Options

Illuminate makes it possible to build products that require collateral to be called only at maturity, opening a world of new ideas and integrations.

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Illustration of the fixed lending ecosystem with PT minting protocols orbiting Illuminate

An Integrated Ecosystem

From fixed rates, to futures, to options, Illuminate navigates the best fixed rates and routes liquidity across a symbiotic ecosystem.

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